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Ag Gateway Announces New Leadership, Releases Report

Report summarizes recent achievements in streamlining how information moves through the supply chain

Ag Gateway

AgGateway has announced its 2019 leadership, including the directors of its Strategic Board and Operational Management Board, and leaders of its councils and committees.

The non-profit organization fosters collaboration among its 200 member companies, and with global standards organizations and industry partners, to improve how agricultural information can be used to maximize efficiency and productivity.

"The scope and depth of what AgGateway teams are working on continues to be impressive and impactful. With this new slate of leaders, 2019 promises to be a strong year for digital ag solutions," says AgGateway President and CEO Wendy Smith. "These individuals and their companies are demonstrating their leadership in promoting and enabling the industry's transition to digital agriculture."

AgGateway has also released its 2018 Annual Report, which summarizes recent achievements in streamlining how information moves through the supply chain.

"This year the organization released new standards in precision irrigation, remote sensing, and specialty chemical sales reporting - to name just a few," says Smith. "We saw increased adoption of the ADAPT framework for interoperability in field operations; an energetic, organization-wide approach to challenges of traceability; increasing application of standard identifiers to grease the skids of seamless data exchange; and "Quick Connect" sessions to boost implementation among ag retailers, manufacturers and distributors."

2019 Leadership

Strategic Board of Directors

Chair: Tim McArdle, COO, Brandt Consolidated

Vice-Chair: Jeremy W. Wilson, Technology Specialist, Crop IMS

Past Chair: Doug Farrington, Digital Farming, BASF

Teddy Bekele, Vice President, IT, WinField United, Land O' Lakes

Jeff Belding, Business Excellence Champion, RiceTec

Dennis Daggett, President, Enterprise Ag Strategies LLC

Chris Langley, Head of IT, Crop Protection NA, Syngenta

Marcy Morris, Director of IT, CHS

Dan Willey, CIO, Wilbur-Ellis

Wendy Smith, President & CEO, AgGateway

Operational Management Board

Chair: Randall Kasparbauer, John Deere

Eric Hoefing, ACS

Michael Carrabine, IRM

Stephanie Frazier, Dow/DuPont (interim)

Michael Thronson, Control Systems

Aaron Berger, AgSense (interim)

Ann Vande Lune, Key Cooperative

Sarah Moster, BASF

Brent Kemp, AgGateway

For more information and to view a full list of members, visit

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