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6 takeaways from the 2022/2023 corn export cargo quality report [Infographic]

Timely 2022 harvest led to better quality corn for export in the 2022/2023 marketing year.

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Corn Export Cargo Quality Report Infographic Heading
Infographic by Tess Stukenberg

The U.S. Grains Council's (USGC) Corn Harvest Quality Report is an annual publication that provides information about the quality of the corn harvested in the U.S. By analyzing the quality data, USGC aims to help buyers make informed decisions regarding the purchase and utilization of U.S. corn. Here are some of the most interesting facts from the 2022/2023 report.

Download the full infographic here.

  1. WARM AND DRY CONDITIONS from May to September 2022 accelerated the crop’s maturation and allowed for a timely harvest, improving the quality of the corn assembled for export.
  2. THE AVERAGE AGGREGATE QUALITY of corn samples tested in the 2022/2023 U.S. Grains Council Corn Export Cargo Quality Report was better than or equal to U.S. No. 2 on all grade factors, with higher test weight and whole kernels, and lower stress cracks than the previous five-year average.
  3. DESPITE THE WARM AND DRY CONDITIONS, the corn’s average heat damage was 0.0%, indicating good management of drying and storage throughout the marketing channel.
  4. PROTEIN CONCENTRATION in the corn (8.7% dry basis) was higher than the previous year and the five-year average, while starch concentration (71.9% dry basis) was similar to the previous year but lower than the five-year average.    
  5. ALL SAMPLES TESTED BELOW the FDA action level for aflatoxin, and 98.9% of the samples showed levels below 1.5 ppm for DON, higher than the previous year and 2020/2021.
  6. OF THE SAMPLES TESTED FOR FUMONISIN in 2022/2023, 94.3% were below the FDA’s strictest guidance level of 5.0 ppm, and results for additional mycotoxins such as ochratoxin A, trichothecenes (T-2), and zearalenone can be found in the “Quality Test Results” section.
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