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Farmers Impacted by Grain Mill Closures Get Heated

60 farmers attended meeting to help file claims, ask questions regarding closure of Salamonie Mills and Agland Grain

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For the past five months farmers in Indiana's Huntington and Wells Counties have been dealing with the closure of Salamonie Mills and Agland Grain.

On Tuesday, Indiana Grain Buyers and Warehouse Licensing Agency held a meeting to help farmers file claims and ask questions, reports WANE 15. Around 60 farmers attended the meeting, which began peaceful but at times erupted into a screaming match.

The most frequently asked question directed at Indiana Grain Buyer Director Harry Wilmoth was regarding the failure date. Indiana statue states that in the event that a licensed grain buyer fails to run their business, 100% of stored grain and 80% of other grain transactions are covered up to 15 months prior to the failure of the grain buyer.

Several farmers, however, came forward during the meeting to say they had grain stored in the bins at Salamonie from as far back as 2014.

With harvest just around the corner and the sale of Salamonie Mills properties, many are asking if the mills will and can reopen.

While the new owners WANE 15 spoke to are still in the process of closing and making plans, new owners can reopen the mills according to the state. However, owners must obtain a license from the Indiana Grain Buyers Association and Warehouse Licensing Agency in order to do so.

Read the full report at WANE 15.

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