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Mexico Presses Ahead with GMO Corn Ban

Executive order aims to replace 16 MT of imported yellow corn imported with local production by 2024

Corn corn on the cob VIA PIXABAY Feb 2021

Mexico is sticking to a plan to stop importing genetically modified corn and a ban on a widely used herbicide, a senior official told Reuters, doubling down on a policy that has pleased green advocates but alarmed industry leaders, reports U.S. News & World Report.

The plan announced late last year by executive order aims to replace some 16 million tonnes of yellow corn imported mostly from U.S. farmers and nearly all of it genetically modified, with new, local production by 2024. The imports represent more than a third of the country's demand for the grain, and mostly feed Mexico's large livestock industry.

Victor Suarez, the deputy agriculture minister, argued that GMO corn and the herbicide glyphosate are too dangerous and that local output and sustainable "agroecological" practices must be prioritized.

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