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Chief agri scientists meet during G20 forum

Wheat Initiative will advocate for global coordination of crop research during meeting.

A three-day G20 Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS-G20) is taking place April 17-19 in Varanasi, India, and will focus on global sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Agriculture research and development, including food security and nutrition, climate smart agriculture, digital agriculture, public private partnership, and more will be discussed.

The Millets And OtHer Ancient GRains International ReSearcH Initiative (MAHARISHI) will also be deliberated. MAHARISHI aims at advancing research collaborations and generating awareness about millets and other ancient grains.

About 80 foreign delegates from G20 member states, including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, U.S. and European Union, will be present, as well as international organizations, like the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, will be participating.

Wheat Initiative will advocate for global coordination of crop research

The Wheat Initiative (WI) was invited to participate and present at MACS-G20.

The presentation of the Wheat Initiative’s work given by John Spink, chair of the coordination committee, and will focus on the importance of cooperation and coordination in research to address the challenges threatening global food security.

The WI presentation focused on supporting the development of a global wheat research community sharing resources, capabilities, data and ideas to improve wheat and cope with challenges of food security.

A key objective for the group has been to enhance sustainable wheat production under increased climate stress and access to the best and safest technologies in breeding, agronomy, plant nutrition and protection against pathogens and pests, said Spink.

"The opportunity to present at the G20 meeting was a good chance to demonstrate the success the initiative has had in increasing knowledge sharing across 53 countries and in building capacity with its Early Career Researcher program," said Spink. "We have to emphasis that more help is needed from the G20 members in terms of supporting the initiative and the coordination of national research investment across countries.”

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