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Degesch America launches phosphine certification course

The comprehensive online program offers flexible for aspiring fumigators, seasoned professionals, regulatory agents and trade association members.

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In a significant move to elevate expertise in the field of phosphine fumigations, Degesch America, Inc. proudly introduces the Phosphine Certification Course, an unparalleled online training program designed to empower individuals with the essential knowledge and skills required for success. As a leading authority in fumigation solutions, Degesch America aims to cultivate a new generation of phosphine fumigation experts through this comprehensive and flexible learning experience.

The Phosphine Certification Course caters to a diverse audience, including aspiring fumigators, seasoned professionals, regulatory agents, trade association members and anyone passionate about fumigation. This transformative program promises to equip participants with in-depth insights and practical skills crucial for excelling in the competitive world of phosphine fumigation.

Key highlights of the course:

  • Comprehensive curriculum: Participants will delve deep into the fundamentals of phosphine, fumigation techniques, and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of themselves and others.
  • Pest identification: The course focuses on teaching how to identify common stored product pests, enabling participants to address specific challenges in the field effectively.
  • Application calculations: Participants will master the art of precise application calculations for effective and targeted fumigations.
  • Monitoring for efficacy and safety: Skills development includes the ability to monitor fumigations, ensuring both efficacy and safety are prioritized.
  • Expert-led video lectures: Engage with high-quality video lectures delivered by seasoned industry experts, complete with detailed graphics and informative materials.
  • Progress evaluation: Participants can track their progress through quizzes and a final exam at the end of the course, ensuring a thorough understanding of the material.
  • Flexible learning: The course offers the flexibility to study at one's own pace and from anywhere in the world.

Ben Harl, Marketing Director at Degesch America, Inc., expressed excitement about offering this transformative journey, stating, "This course is not just about learning; it's about becoming a phosphine fumigation expert and staying ahead in the competitive world of fumigation."

For those ready to take the next step in their career, single-user registrations can be made here. For information on multiple-user options, interested individuals can contact Degesch America directly at [email protected].

To learn more about the Phosphine Certification Course, a detailed introduction video can be viewed here.

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