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Top Feed & Grain Podcasts of 2023

Join industry experts in discussions of grain storage prices, safety training, mycotoxin contamination, QR code technology and sustainability.

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The top Feed & Grain podcasts of 2023, covering a wide range of topics such as grain storage prices, safety training, mycotoxin mitigation, equipment maintenance and sustainability initiatives. Get ready to dive into these informative and engaging podcasts that provide valuable insights and expertise.

1. Grain Storage Prices Soar Amid Financial Pressures

Grain elevators face numerous financial pressures, from rising operation costs to increasing interest rates. In the podcast episode titled "Grain Storage Prices Soar Amid 'Perfect Storm' of Financial Pressures," the host interviews a lead economist for grain and oil seeds. They discuss the current economic environment and its impact on grain elevators. With commodity prices still historically high and interest rates rising, borrowing against commodities becomes challenging for elevators. The episode reveals the perfect storm of rising costs, inflation, and interest rates that the industry is facing.

2. Revolutionizing Safety Training in the Grain and Feed Industries

Safety training in the grain and feed industries is of paramount importance. In the podcast episode titled "Revolutionizing Safety Training in the Grain and Feed Industries," the host interviews a content creation expert from Safety Made Simple. They discuss online safety education and the various courses available for different types and sizes of facilities. The use of case studies and interactive elements in the courses ensures effective learning and understanding of safety protocols. This episode highlights the importance of interactive and engaging safety training in the industry.

3. Mycotoxin Contamination: Insights from Cargill's Global Study

Mycotoxin contamination poses significant challenges to animal production. In the podcast episode titled "Cargill Shows Mycotoxins Are More Prevalent Than Believed," the host chats with a global additive category manager from Cargill Animal Nutrition. They discuss Cargill's extensive study on mycotoxin contamination, which analyzed over 135,000 raw material samples from around the world. The study reveals the prevalence of mycotoxins and emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about this issue. Cargill's mycotoxin contamination database, with over 300,000 analyses, plays a crucial role in mitigating the impact of mycotoxins on animal production.

4. Streamlining Maintenance and Enhancing Safety with QR Code Technology

Efficient equipment maintenance and safety protocols are essential in the Feed & Grain industry. In the podcast episode titled "Streamline Maintenance, Enhance Safety with QR Code Technology," the host interviews the CFO of Bulk Conveyor Inc. They discuss the use of QR codes on equipment for maintenance and safety purposes. QR codes provide easy access to comprehensive information about equipment, including maintenance procedures and safety guidelines. This technology simplifies maintenance processes and ensures that users have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

5. A More Sustainable Feed & Grain Handling Industry with Scoular

Sustainability is a key focus in the Feed & Grain industry. In the podcast episode titled "A More Sustainable Feed & Grain Handling Industry with Scoular," the host speaks to Scoular's chief diversity officer about the company's second annual Sustainability Report. The report highlights Scoular's progress in reducing carbon footprint, responsible product sourcing, workplace health and safety, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement. This episode showcases Scoular's commitment to sustainability and provides insights for companies looking to embark on their sustainability journey.

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