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  • Provide consistent blade pressure across the belt plane, producing little wear on the splice
  • Specific designs for regular- and heavy duty applications, reversing belts and wing pulleys
  • Improved conveyor performance, as well as prolonged belt and tail pulley health, reducing maintenance and contributing to a safer work area
  • Unique spring-loaded suspension system that allows the plow to rise and fall with fluctuations in belt tension and travel
  • Three torsion arms system adjust independently, maintaining consistent pressure for effective cleaning in all stages of blade wear
  • Effective on standard tail pulleys or wing pulleys at belts speeds up to 900 fpm (46 m/sec)
  • Easily replaceable blade delivers 2 inches (5 cm) of wear and can be specified in 60 Shore A durometer nitrile rubber or heavy-duty 90 Shore A durometer urethane
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