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Columbia Grain International rolls out new seed and agronomy program

Tailored to local conditions, the program offers end-to-end solutions, from seed selection to harvest.

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Columbia Grain International (CGI) has announced the launch of its Seed and Agronomy Program, designed to provide comprehensive support to farmers from seed selection through harvest. The program aims to enhance crop yields and strengthen partnerships by offering high-quality seeds and expert agronomic advice.

The initiative reflects the growing trend among farmers to seek not just seeds but also guidance on agronomy, soil health, and pest management from their suppliers. CGI's program will deliver an end-to-end solution that includes expert forecasts, seed advising, and continuous support throughout the growing season.

Montana-based Seed Agronomist and Certified Crop Advisor for CGI, Madison Fritz, emphasized the program's focus on providing tailored solutions that are responsive to specific local conditions. According to Fritz, the program not only boosts the quality of the produce but also ensures transparency and detailed crop data for buyers, enhancing trust and reliability in the agricultural market.

As CGI continues to expand its program, it plans to build more producer partnerships and increase its team of agronomy experts. This ongoing development is expected to foster further innovation in the field and offer more robust support networks for both producers and buyers in the agriculture industry.

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