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Agribusiness Sales Book Now Available

Greg Martinelli helps you navigate the four seasons of sales

Martinelli book

The only book written specifically for the agribusiness salesperson by someone with 30 years of ag sales experience offers behind the scenes stories of navigating the four seasons of sales.

As you journey through your rookie years (spring) full of mistakes to your middle years (summer-fall) full of growth and productivity, to your veteran (winter) years, you will find a deep connection with these stories along with lessons learned, which you can immediately apply to your selling own strategy

Learn to build your brand and set yourself apart from the army of salespeople selling in agribusiness.

Start reading now to uncover the answers to the most important question your customers are trying to answer: “Why should I buy from you?”

“This book is not just for the salesperson or sales team," says Greg Martinelli, author. "If you are in a leadership role in agribusiness, this book has a wealth of information in helping you be a better leader of your entire business.”

After a career in the feed and grain business, Martinelli launched Ag Sales Professionals, a sales training, coaching, speaking company. Whether speaking in front of 7,000 or working one-on-one with a salesperson to develop their selling skills, Martinelli enjoys the opportunity to work in this great industry.

Grab your copy today at and use it to become more efficient and effective in your territory or with your agribusiness team. Currently available on pre-order for $13.99 shipped within the US.

To contact Martinelli, email [email protected] or visit his LinkedIn.

Check out Martinelli's latest blog, Coach's Corner, here.

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