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Layn Extracts Shown to Improve Poultry Performance

Researchers reported continuous improvements in the growth and performance of chickens

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Layn Corp., a global producer of premium-quality natural animal nutrition ingredients, plant-based sweeteners and functional botanical extracts, announces the results of a study that examined the use of polyphenol-rich botanical extracts as feed additives in poultry production.

The study was conducted at the University of Tolima and University of Applied and Environmental Sciences in Colombia by Dr. Lina Maria Penuela (Tolima) and Dr. Mayra Diaz (UDCA), along with Dr. Juan Javierre, nutrition scientist at Layn.

In a controlled study, the researchers administered a carefully balanced combination of Layn botanical extracts to over 600 Ross 308 broiler chickens in a research station over a 42-day grow-out period and monitored specific metabolic processes and health markers.

Researchers reported continuous improvements in the growth and performance of chickens consuming the botanical extracts, including a significant 6-8% weight gain over the control group. The study concluded that several polyphenol-rich combinations offered compelling positive effects on:

  • Diverse metabolic systems
  • Oxidative status
  • Nutrient digestibility
  • Gut health

Additionally, researchers conducted a follow-up consumer panel test, which showed a high preference for the meat from chickens that consumed the polyphenol extracts over that of control chickens.

Participants reported preferable taste and texture, with scientists reporting higher water capacity and lower cooking loss.

“We are delighted by the results of the broiler study,” said Dr. Javierre. “This research clearly demonstrates that specific combinations of polyphenol-rich, clean label botanical extracts support positive outcomes in the health of chickens and are useful additives in poultry production.”

The demand for natural feed ingredients is gaining importance as consumers desire clean, transparent labels, and Layn is committed to ongoing research and innovation regarding the use of natural plant extracts in a growing number of animal nutrition applications. It makes its unique botanical additive formulas available to industrial scale farmers and producers under its TruGro™ brand. For more information visit

Complete results and details of the study will be presented at the annual meeting of the Poultry Science Association held in Louisville, KY in July.

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