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Getting the Full Scoop on Our Industry

Editorial Comment

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Those of us fortunate enough to have grown up on a farm are intimately familiar with “getting the scoop.” From getting the day’s job list from Dad to being advised to add an extra scoop of soy meal or cottonseed to our top producing hosteins, hardly a day went by without using information in the successful operation of our farm.

In this issue we preview three industry events that disseminate and deliver insights on complex issues ranging from retaining a capable workforce to protecting food and feed safety to animal welfare.

The 79th annual GEAPS Exchange in Omaha has dedicated 33 hours of educational programming and expanded its popular Pod sessions by fourfold. In March, the National Grain and Feed Association holds its annual meeting in Scottsdale where the full scoop can be heard on the government’s recent efforts to ensure a safer feed supply.

Lastly, the Animal Agriculture Alliance is hosting its Stakeholder Summit in early April where they look at ways to build bridges across the food chain to address the challenging issues of animal welfare, the prudent use of antibiotics, environmental concerns and public health.

Ours is an industry earmarked by wild market volatility and persistent change, however, we’re also fortunate to have forward-thinking industry associations to provide forums where we can gather and take home information that helps us make sense of it all.

And in the spirit of getting the straight scoop out to our readers it was brought our our attention by the NGFA that an article which appeared in our January issue may confuse readers about OSHA’s intention to change fall protection regulations in effect since 1996. While readers could interpret the information presented that new fall-protection regulations would be in effect in early 2008, it was the intent of the author to say that the process to revise such regulations could begin in early 2008. The simple fact is this: all parties acknowledge significant steps remain before new regulations are enacted — coverning a timeframe of possibly 24 months.

Regardless of how long it takes, you can rest assured that as the discussion surrounding this important issue matures, FEED & GRAIN will pass along the straight scoop to you.

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