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ADM shares LCA results of broiler feed additive

Analysis reveals its use reduces the carbon footprint of broiler meat production by at least 2.8%.

Xtract Adm
ADM Animal Nutrition

ADM announced the results of a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for XTRACT 6930 demonstrate its usefulness in mitigating the environmental footprint of the broiler meat sector. XTRACT 6930 is a plant extract-based feed additive for monogastric animals.

ADM has compiled LCA results, an evaluation method that quantifies the potential environmental impact of a product or service throughout the supply chain, of XTRACT 6930 use on broiler operations globally, including regions in Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. Use of the feed additive has shown a reduced carbon footprint of live broilers by at least 1.9% and a reduced carbon footprint of at least 2.8% of broiler meat production*. This means 1 kg CO2 eq. spent using XTRACT results in savings of 75 kg CO2 eq. in live broiler farming and a savings of 100 kg CO2 eq. in broiler meat processing*. 

“ADM is proud to be first in the animal nutrition sector to present such robust and reliable LCA data in the plant extract-based feed additives category, externally verified for use on four continents,” said Pierre-Joseph Paoli, president of growth and marketing for ADM’s animal nutrition business. “With rising demand to mitigate the environmental impact of our industry, LCA is a necessary step to understand how a single feed solution can have a measurable impact along the entire value chain.”

A thorough performance analysis of its application and results in broilers show that the feed additive supports increases in carcass yield, weight and breast weight, as well as improved feed conversion rates, while having a negligible influence on the environmental footprint of broiler feed.

ADM’s LCA analysis was performed in collaboration with Blonk Consultants, in line with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, and following European Union (EU) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) guidelines for the sector. A panel of three independent, third-party reviewers then verified the accuracy of the LCA and confirmed validity of the conclusions.

The panel conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of 22 studies on XTRACT 6930, including peer-reviewed and unpublished company data. Additional LCAs of ADM’s animal nutrition products are ongoing to assess their potential environmental effects on animal protein production.

*Results differ by region. Contact ADM for details.

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