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Cargill partners with SFP Zeeland on biogas production

Cargill has entered into a joint venture with Sustainable Fuel Plant (SFP) Zeeland in The Netherlands, on large-scale biogas production.

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Cargill has entered into a joint venture with Sustainable Fuel Plant (SFP) Zeeland in The Netherlands, on large-scale biogas production.

SFP Zeeland, a subsidiary of SFP Group, produces sustainable biomethane, a reliable renewable fuel, which enables customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet their sustainability targets. It is produced by the breakdown of organic residues, valorizing a wide range of waste streams including agricultural, contributing to a circular economy. When cleaned up and upgraded to natural gas standards, biogas is sold as biomethane and used in similar applications, such as in transport, heating and industrial use.

Through this partnership with SFP Group, Cargill would provide additional decarbonization solutions for its customers and improve the value of its core food, feed and biofuel assets, all while playing a key role in the decarbonization of the food and transport sector.

“Our vision at Cargill is to reimagine how we grow and move food around the world more sustainably – nourishing people and protecting the planet,” said Alexis Cazin, president of Cargill Europe’s bioenergy, grains and oilseeds business. “Biogas from waste and residues has the potential to power Cargill assets and decarbonize our own supply chains, as well as our customers. This means that there is huge potential to expand renewable energy across Cargill’s global network and through our value chain. By entering the biogas segment, we are laying a solid foundation to decarbonize our future.

SFP Zeeland has extensive experience in the biogas industry and adopts a circular economy approach. Rather than being dependent on specific feedstock, they focus on the ability to handle the lowest grades of waste feedstock, adding to optionality and flexibility for the future. It is also located near various Cargill assets including its bioenergy plants, all of which have waste streams that collectively create a unique opportunity to valorize.”

SFP Group’s philosophy is to build and operate scalable and easily reproducible biogas installations, in the Netherlands and beyond, to help accelerate Europe’s energy transition.

“We are excited about this strategic partnership that will help us to continue and accelerate our growth to reach our ambitions,” said Niels Peters, CEO of SFP Group. “Our experience in developing assets and producing biomethane complements Cargill’s experience in feedstock origination and decarbonization solutions. I look forward to collaborating with Cargill and sharing our expertise in biogas and biomethane to help expand our shared decarbonization impact and grow beyond our current borders. Together we will give our contribution to help achieving Europe’s sustainability targets.”

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