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Receive Codex Approval

Allows for more application possibilities for popular Diacon® IGR product line

Central Life Sciences, whose founders pioneered insect growth regulator (IGR) technology, has announced its recent Codex clearance for the use of (S)-methoprene for oilseeds, including sunflowers. This clearance by the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues placed a maximum residue limit (MRL) of 4 parts per million for allowable residues on oilseeds (excluding peanuts). This new MRL provides greater flexibility for producers exporting these commodities. Diacon® products offer effective long-term control of insects infesting stored commodities, including lesser grain borers, saw-toothed grain beetles, Indian meal moths and more.
“Our sales team has heard a very strong demand for the use of Diacon products on oilseeds for export, and we’re excited to provide these producers with relief from stored product insects from a product they have come to rely on,” said Nancy Stratinsky, business manager for the Specialty Agriculture division of Central Life Sciences. “With our recent product line expansion and the continued addition of approved commodities and applications, the Bug Free Grains lineup has truly developed into a comprehensive, start-to-finish solution for the protection of stored commodities.”
Offering two formulations to meet producers’ needs, Diacon® IGR and Diacon®-D IGR are EPA tolerance exempt to control insect larvae in food commodities. Diacon® IGR is a versatile liquid formulation that can be applied directly to oilseeds or as a fogging treatment virtually anywhere stored product insects are a problem. Also providing long-term control and profit protection, Diacon®-D IGR delivers the same control as Diacon® IGR in a ready-to-use dry formulation that can also be applied directly to the grain stream or as an empty premise treatment. To ensure the best and longest lasting results, use these solutions as part of a comprehensive S.L.A.M. strategy, incorporating best practices in the sanitation, loading, aeration and monitoring of stored grain.
Diacon® IGR and Diacon®-D IGR are the flagship products of the complete lineup of Bug Free Grains solutions including Centynal EC Insecticide, Diacon® IGR PLUS, PBO-8®Synergist, and Pyronyl™ Crop Spray. The lineup features solutions for the protection of stored wheat, rice, barley, corn, oats, sunflowers, and more by providing effective “start-to-finish” control of stored product insects including the lesser grain borer, rice weevil, Indian meal moth, saw-toothed grain beetle and more. For more information, or call 1-800-248-7763.
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