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NAWG Encourages Trade Role Expansion

Worries latest tariffs will have negative impacts on agricultural products


National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) is monitoring the recent Trump tariff situation and expressing concerns regarding the negative impacts that tariffs on U.S. agricultural products will have on producers.

Treasurer Dave Milligan of Michigan, participated in a Farmers for Free Trade event in Wisconsin on Wednesday, encouraging trade policies that expand agricultural exports.

NAWG Board of Director Michelle Erickson-Jones was also asked by Politico to respond to the recent back and forth by the Administration on implementing tariffs.

β€œIt's so hard to tell what's rhetoric and what's real, though it would surprise me if we went forward with these tariffs," says Michelle Erickson-Jones, president of the Montana Grain Growers Association. β€œThe uncertainty created by the U.S.-China trade feud β€” as well as the NAFTA renegotiation β€” is bad for commodity markets, and jeopardizes relations with buyers of American farm goods. Countries are looking for other suppliers. Mexico, for example, recently purchased wheat from Argentina for the first time in modern history.”

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