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Michigan Soybean Plant Feels Tariff Impact

M.A.C. has been impacted by lower prices of GMO soybeans

Trade disputes among the U.S. and China have made impacts down to soybean plants in places like Gratiot County, MI, reports the Morning Sun.

"It has limited our sales opportunities because some of the end users we ship to are exporters. With the trade dispute, they're not exporting beans," Adam Geers, Breckenridge facility manager of Michigan Agricultural Commodities (M.A.C.), told the Sun.

Geers gave a tour of the M.A.C. facility for attendees on a statewide tour stop with the Michigan Soybean Promotional Committee.

Approximately 2.5 million bushels a year of GMO soybeans are received by M.A.C. from farmers in mid-Michigan in the fall of each year and are shipped throughout the following year to places across the U.S., Geers said.

Prices on GMO soybeans have dropped to $7.50 per bushel since springtime this year, when it was $9.50 per bushel, he said. This price drop, however, has not changed the way M.A.C. does business or its day-to-day operations.

Even with the trade disputes driving prices down, the facility is expected to double its shipping capacity this year, Geers told the Sun.

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