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No Biodiesel Plants in Nebraska

State has over 25 ethanol plants; Nebraska Soybean Board hopes that changes

Fuel gas pump ethanol VIA PIXABAY Feb 2021

While Nebraska has 25 ethanol plants producing fuel from border to border, the Nebraska Soybean Board said they still have yet to see a single biodiesel plant open across the state, reports Nebraska TV.

It may not have made its way to Nebraska quite yet, but those on the Nebraska Soybean Board are already backing the positive impacts Nebraska having its own biodiesel plant could have on the economy.

“It’s a good business to be in right now, and that’s because we have seen record demand in the world and when you look at corn, soybeans, wheat we always look at the global market, and we’re seeing the increased demand for protein around the world," Greg Anderson with Nebraska's Soybean Board, told Nebraska TV. "So, the more protein that is in demand and the more soybeans that are crushed here domestically the more oil that is produced to be used in markets such as biodiesel and renewable diesel."

According to Anderson, biodiesel has been the number one consumer of soybean oil over the last 10 years.

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