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2022 Corn and Soybean Planting Season Nears End

Near average planting speed falls behind 2021

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Image by Pixabay/SvetlozarHristov
Image by Pixabay/SvetlozarHristov

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Crop Progress report for June 6, 2022, shows the spring planting season is wrapping up.

As of June 5, 94% of corn and 78% of soybeans have been planted. Corn planting is just over the 5-year average of 92%, while soybean plantings are just under the average of 79%.

Sorghum, 100% of which was grown in just six states, is being planted at a faster rate than 2021, with 56% already in the ground vs 50% last year,

An impressive number, considering producers reported to USDA that they plan on planting a record number of Sorghum acres in 2022.

The early corn crop

While overall corn planting is moving at an above-average pace, planting conditions throughout the 18 states that planted 92% of the 2021 corn crop are varied. Only one state, North Carolina, has finished planting vs. four that had completed in 2021. Only Colorado and Kansas are further along in corn planting than they were in 2021.

A few states made significant gains last week. North Dakota planted 25% of the state's corn crop in just one week. In just one week, seven states planted at least 10% of its overall corn crop.

Most of the corn that has been planted has already emerged, though the 78% is slightly below the 81% five-year average. This year's corn emergence may not be far behind the average, but if it feels slow compared to last year, it is. In 2021, more corn had been planted, and 11% more planted corn had emerged.

The early soybean crop

Soybean planting is moving at a slightly below-average pace, 78% vs. 79%, respectively. But the planting rate is down 11% from 2021. That may have something to do with more producers planning to devote acres to soybeans this year. There are also reports of a soybean seed shortage in a few key soybean states. Of the 18 states that planted 96% of the 2021 corn crop only one state, Louisiana, has finished planting. Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee are further along in soybean planting than they were in 2021.

Just over 50% of soybeans that have been planted have already emerged, once more not far below the average of 59%. The emergence level is well below 2021's 74%, but spring planting was exceptional in 2021.

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