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Fully Digital Grain Trading with Barchart's Marketplace Apps 2.0

Platform allows clients to originate, contract, sign and hedge grain in a fully digital environment

TheInvestorPost | PIXABAY
TheInvestorPost | PIXABAY

Barchart introduces Marketplace Apps 2.0, the latest enhancement to its agtech platform which features over 2,000 grain facilities across North America.

This next-generation release of agribusiness mobile apps is designed to help digitize the buying and selling of grain between agribusinesses and their producers.

Through Marketplace Apps, Barchart connects producers directly into merchandiser workflows, by linking producer-facing apps to the cmdtyView grain trading platform. This simplifies and streamlines grain trading workflows for agribusinesses, providing them with increased operational efficiency.

“Since the initial release of Marketplace Apps, we’ve seen rapid adoption of Barchart’s Ag platform from leading agribusinesses that are looking to digitize their workflows," said Barchart CSO Keith Petersen.

"Our upgraded apps are the next evolution of this offering. The value proposition is clear, the Barchart platform allows agribusiness clients to originate, contract, sign and hedge grain in a fully digital environment.”

Using Barchart’s connectivity network, these digital workflows sync to and from each agribusinesses ERP system -- allowing producers to see their contracts and scale tickets in Marketplace, and new grain contracts and hedges to flow directly into the ERP system.

This allows producers and merchandisers to move grain faster and grow their businesses with a more digitized workflow.

“The next generation of producers need access to key information that allows them to make informed decisions about their operation,” says Michelle Howard, head of Ag Strategy and Business Development at Barchart.

“Marketplace connects producers to their merchandisers, allowing producers to monitor their crop from delivery to market and play a more active role in the success of their operation.”

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