Aurora Cooperative, KAAPA Ethanol form partnership

Joint venture involves Aurora Cooperative’s ethanol and grain facilities located west of Aurora, Nebraska.

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A newly formed partnership between KAAPA Ethanol Holdings, LLC and Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co. called KAAPA Partners Aurora, LLC (KPA) is complete.

In September 2022, Aurora Cooperative and KAAPA announced the joint venture involving Aurora Cooperative’s ethanol and grain facilities located west of Aurora, Nebraska.

The partnership plans to make significant investments with the goal of increasing production and efficiency at the ethanol facilities so that the facilities remain a destination for area farmers' corn for many years to come, said Aurora Cooperative’s Board Chair Bill Schuster.

“We are looking forward to a partnership with KAAPA Ethanol at our ethanol and grain facilities," said Schuster. "KAAPA has a track record of operational expertise and strong financial performance. We believe this partnership will strengthen the future of the ethanol plant for our farmer-owners."

Aurora Cooperative has led the way in promoting E15 and higher ethanol blend fuels in Nebraska with its A-Stops and other efforts, noted KAAPA's Board Chair Paul Kenney.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Aurora Cooperative with its ethanol and grain facilities west of Aurora and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership," said Kenney.

Chris Decker, Aurora Cooperative's CEO, is also excited to partner with KAAPA, hoping the joint venture can help take the plant to the next level while maintaining a local market for corn.

"Like Aurora Cooperative, KAAPA is owned by farmers," said Decker. "Aurora Cooperative and KAAPA share similar values and exist for the sole purpose of serving our farmer-owners. Aurora Cooperative believes this partnership will allow us to make the investments needed in order for these assets to remain a value-added destination
market for our farmer-owners in the future."

According to reports, Aurora Cooperative is also investing in grain handling facilities in Superior and Sedan.

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