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Origination Academy, LLC launches online learning platform

Specialized on-demand learning platform, providing grain originators with essential skills in grain marketing and customer management.

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Origination Academy, LLC recently launched its new online learning platform, Origination Academy Online, designed specifically for those in the agriculture industry focused on grain origination! This new, on-demand library of videos focuses on essential skills with a deeper dive into customer management, helping to facilitate the development of a well-rounded originator.

Citing a growing need for more structured and scalable training, Origination Academy’s offering promises a simple approach with curated learning developed by individuals who have a deep understanding of grain marketing, understand the importance of a holistic approach to customer management, and have many years of market experience and analyst-level expertise.

“Many companies don’t have the resources for a full in-house training team. And, if the training is done effectively, it often doesn’t include the incredibly important components of customer management, such as effective engagement, adding value, and building relationships throughout the year,” explained Tara Deines, lead instructor.

With Origination Academy’s new on-demand platform, grain originators can access the full library of courses, watch, and re-watch at their own pace. “Learning happens over time and through real-world application; being able to tune back into training when a certain scenario presents itself will help ensure learning, engagement, and most importantly, retention,” she added.

The Origination Academy Online library includes videos that cover basic origination essentials, USDA reports, and three areas of customer management. A full course list is available on their website.

The annual subscription-based model includes a monthly newsletter with a brief market update, sample conversation starters, recommended learning, and instructor Q&A space. “Market application and understanding what skillset you should be refining and when is incredibly important. We guide the learner to help ensure topics are well-understood, including how to apply what is being learned to the respective role and responsibilities,” added Jeff, lead instructor.

“We believe this platform will prove to be a valuable resource for grain companies and cooperatives, helping them to enhance their training and development initiatives in a simple, engaging, and very effective manner,” said Kelly Buchanan. For more information on this offer or to schedule a consultation, email [email protected].

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