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Meeting Your Information Needs

How we've evolved our content, delivery options

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Welcome to our October/November issue! Thank you for investing time during this busy season to pick up, page through and read Feed & Grain magazine.

The Feed & Grain team works diligently to make sure the products we deliver meet your needs. For example, we've introduced new features to the magazine in response to your evolving needs and preferences, including our Digital Table of Contents (pg. 4) and our recurring Focus on Technology section.

Additionally, we are always updating and enhancing our website,, to improve ease of use and offer more dynamic content. We developed a user friendly Online Buyers Guide (found in the navigation bar on our homepage), allowing you to search categories and find the products and services you need. We’ve also launched and continue to develop new e-newsletters, consistently providing you with more information.

These changes are part of the constant process we use to help make sure we remain relevant and important to you. Simply put, if we lose your attention — we lose.

Which is why we continue to evolve and improve our product offerings, particularly with digital technology. The "magic" of digital communication is that the more we learn about what you do and your information needs, the more targeted we can be in providing you with that information. It starts when you are gracious enough to provide us with your email address. So far, more than 1,000 of you have done so.

Please take a few minutes to register on Look for the REGISTER button at the top-center part of our home page, click it, then sign up for the e-newsletters and E-mail notifications that you’d like to receive. Help us continue to learn more about your information needs and how to meet them.

With all of the options you have for finding information, we want to make sure Feed & Grain stays at the top of your list. We appreciate your help in doing so!

Arlette Sambs

Editors note: For more than 30 years Arlette has been involved with Feed & Grain’s audience and advertisers, and worked with many of the associations supporting the feed and grain industry. She’s serious – please let her know what more we can and should do to meet your information needs.

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