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Podcast discusses biosecurity and facility inspections

Recent Feed & Grain Podcast episodes cover vehicle biosecurity for feed mills and the newest technology in concrete structure inspections.

Practical vehicle biosecurity systems at feed mills

Join Steven Kilger, host of the Feed & Grain Podcast, as he welcomes Keith Bailey, a veteran in automated systems design from Hydro-Chem Systems, to delve into the crucial topic of biosecurity in feed manufacturing. Amid rising concerns over diseases such as avian influenza, Bailey shares his extensive experience in developing advanced biosecurity systems, including the latest innovations in truck washes and sanitation processes that prevent disease spread in agricultural settings. Learn about the challenges and technological solutions that are shaping the future of farm and feed mill sanitation.

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The newest technology in concrete structure inspections

In this episode of the Feed & Grain Podcast, Cheyenne Wohlford, CEO and president of CCS Group LLC, stopped by to talk with host Steven Kilger about effectively handling human resources as a small company. They talk about concrete structure inspection, how often it should be done, what an inspection covers, technology like drones and radar scans, plus all the data that can be gathered during a visit.

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