Munson HD 3 5 9 SS Inside
  • Integral bag dump station with dust collection
  • Nozzles within each filter alternately emit blasts of air on a timed cycle
  • Can blend up to 85 cu ft of powders, pastes or slurries in five to 10 minutes
  • Length-to-diameter ratio and split double-helical agitator reduce the time required to uniformly distribute particles having dissimilar sizes, shapes and bulk densities
  • Ribbon blades and the vessel trough minimize residual product following discharge, reducing material waste and cleaning time
  • Welded grate helps trap oversized lumps and bag scraps from hand-adds, as airborne dust is drawn away from the operator
  • Hinged lid with removable, safety-interlocked grate provides access to the vessel interior for cleaning and inspection
  • Powered by a 30 HP motor and constructed of stainless steel
  • Available to industrial, pharmaceutical and food-grade standards
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