Munson Machinery SCC-15-SS Screen Classifying Cutter

Munson Machinery Scc 15 Ss Screen Classifying Cutter
  • The Munson Model SCC-15-SS Screen Classifying Cutter, equipped with a double-width infeed hopper, enables gravity-fed processing of diverse materials of irregular shapes and sizes.
  • Featuring an 11 in. diameter rotor with staggered parallelogram-mounted, replaceable cutter tips, this cutter achieves uniform size reduction from coarse to 20 mesh with minimal fines or heat generation.
  • It offers versatility with bedscreens ranging from 1/32 to 2 in. in diameter and can produce up to 500 cu ft/h (14 m3/h) of sized product, depending on the application.
  • Constructed with #304 stainless steel contact surfaces and an optional 7.5 HP gear motor drive, the cutter suits various industries, including food, chemicals, minerals and plastics.
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