Munson Cylindrical Plow Blender

Munson Cylindrical Plow Blender
  • The Munson Cylindrical Plow Blender, featuring a feed hopper and intensifiers, efficiently processes diverse bulk materials in batches up to 40 cu ft.
  • Its high-strength agitator shaft and radial arms, coupled with tulip-shaped intensifiers, provide fluidizing action, ensuring uniform blends irrespective of particle properties, achieving batch uniformity to one part per thousand.
  • This blender surpasses trough-style horizontal mixers in speed and versatility, handling materials like thinner pastes.
  • Made from #304 or #316 stainless steel with sanitary finishes, it suits industries like food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, offering easy clean-out and various optional features, including heating/cooling jackets, injection ports, and customizable discharge/inlet configurations.
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