OP Nutrition Swine Feedmill – Peru, IN

1,280-ton 12 bulk loadout bins

  • Two-truck receiving systems
  • 1,000-bushel grain receiving pit, rated at 15,000 bushels/hour with dust aspiration
  • Soft stock receiving pit rated at 15,000 cubic feet/hour with wings dust control
  • 2,100-ton 20 ingredient bins to major, minor, and mineral scales
  • 1,280-ton 12 bulk loadout bins
  • Three 210-ton mixed feed bins to pellet line #1
  • 330,00-bushel capacity whole grain storage and grinding core
  • 50 ton/hour grinding system
  • 120 ton/hour batching capacity
  • 7-ton twin-shaft, hi-speed mixer
  • 20-bin micro ingredient system
  • Four-bag tote-over-micro system
  • 55 ton/hour pelleting system with future second 55 ton/hour system
  • Pellet mill is CPM 7936-14 over Bliss counterfiow cooler
  • Post-pellet fat application
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