Pneumat Systems, Inc.

Mankato, MN 56001

Company Overview
110 Mohr Dr.
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone:(507) 345-4553
Toll Free:(800) 458-9446
Fax:(507) 345-3639

Pneumat Systems helps companies all over the world overcome bulk flow challenges when moving commodities like feed and grain, fertilizer, minerals and countless other materials.

The Dual Impact BinWhip is said to be the world’s most powerful silo cleaning system. Related products include the BinDrill, for drilling through bridged product, and Cardox CO2 rapid gas expansion system for dislodging the toughest buildup.

Other innovative equipment includes the RailSpreader, which helps rail shippers load more product into railcars, the HopperPopper, which helps unload stubborn product like DDGs and meals from truck hoppers with blasts of pressurized air, and the HopperBot – the intelligent robotic railcar unloading system.

These technologies eliminate the need for confined space entry and other hazardous activities, helping us fulfill a mission to create a safer world, free from bulk flow issues.

This family-owned company has over 40 years of experience building rugged equipment that delivers a solid return on investment and is proud of the legendary training and support it provides to customers.

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