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Technologies Poised to Transform Agriculture

What technologies are we using today? What's coming down the road tomorrow?


Today technology on the farm takes grain from the field to the grain elevator, watches our weather and monitors the water.

Mike Banks with Alltech Inc. highlighted technologies that we're using today and what's coming down the road in his IPPE TechTalk Tuesday afternoon.

"Technology is poised to transform agriculture," says Banks. "It's coming like a tidal wave, and your customers might not know how to weed through it to get to what's useful."

Banks highlighted three types of technology -- sensors, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Sensors, says Banks, are being utilized right now. They're active technology in real time that can load and compare data.

"Sensors can help make decisions before problems start," says Banks.

Artificial intelligence is a predictive technology that takes what we know and applies it moving forward.

"A.I. mimics cognitive function - learning and problem solving," says Banks. "It's safe and fast."

Lastly, blockchain gathers, interprests and shares information.
"Blockchain is all about traceability and keeping out food safe," says Banks. "As grain and feed moves through various channels and destinations, data blocks are gathered and shared. It's reliable and transparent. We know who was in control of that product at each stage of the journey."

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