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Are Manual Additions in Batch Production Future-Proof?

KSE tackled this question during an IPPE TECHTalk Tuesday morning

Dennis vanLankeren with KSE Process Technology
Dennis vanLankeren with KSE Process Technology

There's a lot of reasons that manual microdosing is not future proof, says Dennis vanLankeren with KSE Process Technology, during a Tuesday morning IPPE TECHTalk.

"There's a growing complexity, yet we need to achieve simplicity," he says.

Influencers of the growing complexity include zero conamination, farmer-specific feed, high-quality regulations, tracking and tracing, worker shortage, and more.

"We can achieve simplicity and zero contamination with data-driven decisions," says vanLankeren. "We're not up to the task using manual hand labor."

One solution, says vanLankeren, is containerized dosage systems.

These systems eliminate different people adding different ingredients in different places, he says. "Dosing is done in one place with precise measurement. Our system uses RFID in order to track and trace the produce from beginning to end."

With a containerized system, it's easy to switch betwen raw materials without emptying the silo and change ingredients quickly.

To learn more about KSE and its ALFRA Dosing Technology, click here.

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