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ADM Launches Antibiotic Reduction Program

New program centralizes Wisium’s demedication solutions across all species, offering holistic approach

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ADM launches its customized antibiotic reduction program developed by Wisium, its premix and nutrition services business.

The new program centralizes Wisium’s demedication solutions across all species, offering a holistic approach. Antibiotics are regularly used in animal nutrition for therapeutical reasons, and in some countries, as animal growth promoters (AGP).

It is estimated that global Antimicrobial Use (AMU) in poultry, cattle, and swine (which account for 93.75% of all food animals) will increase to 104,079 tonnes by 2030, equivalent to a growth of 11.5% since 2017.1 In alignment with the global trend to regulate the overuse of antibiotics as growth promoters, ADM is dedicated to maintaining animal health and welfare through natural nutritional solutions and encouraging the reduction of antibiotics in livestock farms.

ADM’s Wisium business is now offering a dedicated antibiotic reduction program for each livestock species to support producers in their efforts to reduce the use of antibiotics. Wisium’s P4L – Partner For Life concept takes a holistic approach that considers environmental, feeding and housing factors. This program is fully customized to address specific challenges for each species, meet the markets’ needs and expectations, and follow each country’s feed and food regulations.

“As a global player in animal nutrition, it is our responsibility to develop alternative solutions that support more resilient animal production and a sustainable future,” said François Fernandez, vice president, Wisium Premix and Services. “Our Partner For Life concept features innovative nutrition solutions and services that will optimize animal performance and give producers an edge.”

Wisium’s holistic approach includes three pillars:

  • Wisium’s core business is nutrition strategy. Its technical teams have a deep understanding of each species’ nutritional requirements, and they provide expertise on feed and diet formulation, and ration ingredients analysis. Additionally, digital tools and software enhance efficiencies in formulation, rationing and analysis.
  • Wisium provides recommendations with its farm management services, including farm audits, animal management advice and procedures to improve farm management for the best return on investment without or with less antibiotics.
  • Wisium brings product solutions to the market that address each animal species’ challenges and are supported by associated services. Nutritional specialties based on innovative and natural ingredients such as plant extracts help producers transition away from antibiotics.

The P4L – Partner For Life concept addresses the unique needs of each species. Specifically:

  • Broilers and layers: Limiting the contamination by pathogens to ensure food safety and optimal nutrition. Wisium also offers solutions that can help manage sanitary challenges in poultry production, that cause substantial economic losses to the industry each year due to increased mortality or impaired growth.
  • Swine: Limiting the use of antibiotics and zinc oxide as growth promoters with a complete nutritional approach and more natural alternatives that optimize performance. Wisium also has solutions to tackle various challenges at each stage of a pig’s life, starting with the weaning period.
  • Ruminant: Limiting antibiotic usage for growth promotion or infection through a preventative approach.

As part of the ADM company, Wisium relies on a global network of R&D centers and laboratories, as well as a strong team of experts with a solid understanding of local challenges. Wisium provides a tailormade approach to meet local animal nutrition needs. Its portfolio of innovative nutritional solutions includes natural ingredients and plant extracts, supporting the global trend toward a reduction in the use of antibiotics.

About Wisium
Wisium is the international brand of the premix business of ADM, a major global player in animal nutrition for over 60 years. Wisium offers millers, integrators and home mixers a strong and dedicated partnership with a unique focus on enhancing your quality, productivity and profitability performance.

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