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Novel Insect Protein Approved for U.S. Pet Food Market

AAFCO votes to include BSF larvae and BSF meal in dog food and treats


In August 2021, AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) voted to include adult dogs among the animals for which the ingredients whole dried black soldier fly larvae and black soldier fly larvae meal are suitable.

This means that pet food manufacturers in the United States can now start using these novel ingredients in dog food and treats.

Together with its supplier Entobel, IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients offers a unique portfolio of insect fat, dried proteins and frozen insects from black soldier fly (BSF) production for use in pet food.

The insects are processed into different products, including good-quality and sustainable insect meal and insect oil. Having supplied the European market for several years, IQI will now introduce BSF larvae and meal into the U.S. market.

IQI notes that the production of insect protein is important to keep up with increasing worldwide demand for protein, since it has a much lower ecological impact than traditional animal protein.

Black soldier fly larvae is a sustainable, pure, high quality, and cost-effective ingredient for tomorrow’s pet food industry. The approval of BSF larvae and BSF meal for the U.S. pet food market is an important step in this direction. AAFCO approval of BSF ingredients for use in cat food is expected in 2022.

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