October 19, 2018 | Wallaces Farmer

Grain Elevators on the Lookout for Toxins

Delayed, wet harvest is raising questions about corn, soybean grain quality

Grain Elevators on the Lookout for Toxins

Grain elevators are looking closely at corn samples pulled from loads coming in this fall, reports Wallaces Farmer. Some are running a blacklight test. A blue-green glow from corn under a blacklight is somewhat correlated with the presence of aflatoxin.

What about vomitoxin? That’s the toxin Charlie Hurburgh, ISU Extension grain quality specialist, thinks will present the most problems with this fall’s corn harvest.

The only way to determine whether corn has a risk of producing vomitoxin is to conduct a strip-test on a sample. “A grain buyer could do this twice a day to determine if corn in the area might have a vomitoxin problem,” Hurburgh told Wallaces Farmer.

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