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Corn Refiners Introduce New Climate Principles

Will guide the industry’s advocacy to ensure a more sustainable future

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The Corn Refiners Association (CRA) today announced new climate change policy principles that will guide the industry’s advocacy to ensure a more sustainable future for corn refining, agriculture and consumers.

“These principles will drive advocacy for science-based public policies that demand economically-sound decisions at the state, federal and global levels,” said CRA President and CEO John Bode. “They will nurture collaboration across industries and lawmakers to minimize greenhouse gas emissions as we foster technological innovation, expand commercial opportunities, build the bioeconomy, and feed a hungry world. Importantly, these principles recognize the significant role that agriculture plays in addressing climate challenges proactively.”

CRA’s climate change policy principles include undertaking initiatives to reduce the overall carbon footprint of corn refining products and processes, an embrace of greenhouse gas reduction goals that are both achievable and science-based, and recognizing agricultural feedstocks in industrial processes as a key element in advancing greenhouse gas reductions, among others.

“By addressing climate change through environmentally-focused solutions, CRA continues to serve as a leading member of the agriculture industry’s economic growth,” said CRA Board Chairman Rob Ritchie. “I am proud to be part of this forward-leaning group, guiding law through sound science and elevating society at every level as a result.”

The full list of climate change policy principles can be found here:

This announcement comes on the heels of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agriculture Innovation Agenda (AIA). The AIA reflects a commitment to the continued success of American farmers, ranchers, producers, and foresters in the face of future challenges.

Since its inception 106 years ago, CRA has fought for corn refiners, farmers and agribusinesses, consumers and other relevant industries. CRA advocates for a healthy and prosperous environment that preserves America’s ability to innovate and promote economic growth. CRA believes environmental regulations are most effective when they are guided by law and rooted in science.

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