May 01, 2021

Control of Insects in Stored Corn

Storing corn, even for a short time, requires a proactive defense against insects that could lead to damaged grain and a reduced bottom line

source: Central Life Sciences

Storing corn, even for a short time, requires a proactive defense against insects that could lead to damaged grain and a reduced bottom line. For just pennies per bushel, you can protect your profits by stopping insects before they have a chance to develop an infestation in corn.

Central Life Sciences features proven post-harvest grain protectant products that control insect infestations from start-to-finish. Products in this versatile lineup have CODEX approval, non-restricted solutions for any application need. Read on to discover the best product solutions for your insect control needs.

S.L.A.M. Approach
The first step to effective control requires developing an integrated pest management (IPM) program. By practicing proper Sanitation, Loading, Aeration and Monitoring, you can help prevent stored grain insects from affecting stored corn quality.

PLUS Up Your Control
Effective insect control begins before an infestation has occurred. We recommend proactive control using Diacon® IGR PLUS as a pre-bin treatment and for in-stream grain applications. Diacon® IGR PLUS combines the knockdown power of an insecticide and the long-term control of an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that help ensure the quality of stored corn by controlling infestations and preventing rebound.

Knock Down Adults
When adult insect infestations are present, Centynal EC Insecticide provides effective knockdown with a broad-use pattern. This emulsifiable concentrate works great as an empty-bin treatment, applied in the grain stream or used as a grain rescue treatment.

Give Your Control a Boost
When it comes to pests, weevils are known to be particularly difficult to control because of the way they transform from egg to adult isolated inside the grain kernel. An effective approach to control weevils in corn includes a tank mix of Centynal EC Insecticide and PBO-8® Synergist or Diacon® IGR PLUS and PBO-8® Synergist where long-term storage is needed. PBO-8® Synergist helps synergize the insecticide in Diacon® IGR PLUS for extended storage and in Centynal EC Insecticide for the short-term, rescue applications. PBO-8® Synergist boosts control, keeping those tough-to-manage insect infestations at bay to protect the corn.



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