Pellet Conditioning Vital in Providing Customers with Quality Product

Overcome the challenge of creating fines when handling pellets through the process of pellet conditioning

EBM SC NOV 2021 feed pellets

In today’s competitive market product quality is extremely important especially when it comes to feed products specifically feed pellets. Handling pellets can be a challenge and can lead to creation of fines which then could end up with the finished pellets in a bag for the consumer to discover. There is a solution to help mitigate this issue.

The Gentle Roll™ Feed Pellet Screener is the only screener to condition pellets while sifting. Unlike other screeners that shake or vibrate, the Gentle Roll™ gently moves pellets through a non-vibrating, rotary drum system to remove fine particles and over-size foreign material.

When pellets are formed and subsequently cooled they inherently develop burrs and serrations on each end. As pellets are transported in material handling equipment there is some percentage of breakage which results in serrated edges and burrs where the break occurs. These particles will stay attached on the pellet until it is transported again or otherwise handled.

When the pellets are transported to a storage bin or loaded into a bag, the action of the pellets moving together will rub off the serrations and burrs and cause those particles to become fines. The same action happens to pellets as they gently tumble through the rotary drum of a Gentle Roll screener — the flashing/burrs are removed creating polished ends. This process conditions the pellets and reduces the amount of fines created from serrations and burrs coming off the pellets that create fines in future handling. It is best to use the rotary drum sifting and conditioning action as close to the final process such as bulk loadout or bagging to minimize handling after screening.

As the demand for animal feed quality continues to grow, the need for equipment with the capability of meeting high-quality standards does too. The Gentle Roll™ Feed Pellet Screener efficiently screens pellets, textured feed, range cubes and crumbles to remove fines and overs without causing product damage. It can also be set up to remove overs/clumps from feed pellets.

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