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  • Allows grain, feed and food companies that perform VERTU® rapid strip tests for aflatoxin
  • Fewer steps and without the need for organic solvents, such as methanol
  • Especially desirable for large grain storage and processing operations, where large testing volumes create high hazmat disposal costs
  • Proven sensitivity and selectivity of VICAM’s monoclonal antibodies to accurately detect and measure total aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1 and G2) at levels as low as 2.5 ppb and as high as 50 ppb
  • Utilizes a water-based, dilution-free extraction procedure that develops in just five minutes
  • Results are displayed on the digital screen and may also be printed or transferred to Excel for storage and used as a vital quality assurance tool



VICAM offers rapid diagnostic test kits for mycotoxins in food, feed and grain products.

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Marketwatch: Jan, 19

US Corn Price Idx: ZCPAUS.CM

open: 5.8087
high: 5.8741
low: 5.8006
close: 5.8599

US Soybean Price Idx: ZSPAUS.CM

open: 13.1245
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close: 13.1845

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close: 7.5239

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