Tensor II FT-IR spectrometer

  • Bruker Optics Tensor II is a high-performing FT-IR spectrometer with a compact size and a large sample compartment to accommodate virtually any FT-IR sampling accessory. It combines the highest sensitivity and flexibility with an intuitive and easy to operate interface. FT-IR spectroscopy is applicable on solid materials, powders, coatings, liquids and even on gases. The typical analysis time for FT-IR is about one minute including data evaluation and reporting. As typically no sample preparation is required, the time of expenditure is very low for FT-IR.
  • During the FT-IR analysis the sample is just illuminated by infrared light. There is no chemistry with potentially toxic substances involved or harmful radiation applied. FT-IR is therefore very safe and does not endanger the operator. FT-IR typically reveals the chemical composition of any sample. This method is therefore not restricted to the quality control and failure analysis of manufactured products, but is also very suitable to understand the structure of any competitive product.
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