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View from the Grain Hauler's Seat

Tips for elevators to make these drivers' jobs easier

Most discussions about grain transportation efficiency tend to focus on railways.

Often lost in the feud between farmers and railroads is the connection between them — the truckers, says an article at Country Guide. The system can’t get along without them, and they’ve become even more important due to elevator and branch line closures.

The article had some tips for grain elevators to help make these drivers' lives easier.

For example, there are still long waits at grain elevators at times, but improved scheduling has made a big difference. Better communication between the producer, elevator and trucking company has been a key factor in reducing lineups, Redline Transport owner and spare driver Al Lepp told Country Guide.

“Sometimes we get direct contact from the elevator asking if we can haul from producers, other times the producer calls us. But usually we have a window to work with, and then we fine-tune that to make sure that that date suits the elevator still or the farmer.”

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