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Wild Weather Plagues Grain Crops as Demand Surges

U.S. and Canada are seeing unusual variability in climate

Rain climate change VIA PIXABAY June 2021

The world is counting on farmers in North America for big harvests of everything from corn to canola this year. Due to weird weather patterns, growers will likely come up short, reports BNN Bloomberg.

The U.S. and Canada are seeing unusual variability in climate, with some crops withering from severe heat and drought while others see flooding. Meanwhile, demand is surging as economies recover from the coronavirus pandemic, so much so that every grain counts.

The culprit is an abnormal, high pressure system that’s likely to remain in place during a key period of the growing season when plants are blooming and developing. It’s responsible for the hottest temperatures ever in the U.S. Pacific Northwest while forming a trough across the central U.S. that’s bringing rain showers.

The hot and arid conditions have moved east, spilling over into farming areas in the U.S. Plains and Canadian Prairies, hurting everything from spring wheat to canola.

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