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Somebody just Build Something!

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Discussing politics is, at times, like cussing in front of your mother at the Sunday dinner table. Something good people just shouldn’t do. So I won’t … kind of.

Regardless of how you stand, from the most ardent Trump supporter to someone who has embraced the term “resistance,” isn’t it time to just put the negativity in neutral? Instead of constantly tearing stuff down, can’t the people we hired to work in Washington try to build something? Then do it?

I know these are emotional times. I understand and feel the anxiety of our polarized populace. But every day when I come to work, I worry about a couple of things. First, I worry about our audience and your businesses. I think about your progress and your challenges. And over the many years I’ve talked with hundreds of people in this industry, discussing how innovation and drive lead to success because you constantly work to build your business.

I worry about our customers — our advertisers, some of whom I have had the privilege of working with for more than three decades. We’ve sweated together over business issues, recessions, technology shifts, acquisitions and being sold. We know and understand the nature of business is tough. But when you focus on your customers … you can build something. And you have built and grown many small businesses that are the heartbeat of this country. Can’t politicians see that?

I worry about my team. Am I providing the environment to be motivated, to be challenged, to stretch and to build our business and build their careers? Isn’t that something that should drive all of us?

Lastly, I worry about how well I am doing my job. Am I helping our team meet the needs of our audience? Am I doing the best for my customers and for our business? Am I doing something everyday to build something?

Because if I am not, then I shouldn’t be here. And neither should the people we elect.

This is about as political as I will get. Ever. But please, if you’re emphasizing what’s wrong with the other guy, you’re probably focused on the wrong thing. How about this: Enough already! Shut up and build something.

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