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6 feed mill automation systems, batching technologies

A collection of the latest feed mill solutions for improved automation efficiency and manufacturing NexGen Platform | Easy […]

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A collection of the latest feed mill solutions for improved automation efficiency and manufacturing

NexGen Platform | Easy Automation Inc.

  • Designed with feed mills in mind
  • Built to scale as your business scales
  • Integrated facility controls and inventory management software
  • Modular functionality approach
  • Customized by industry
  • Extensive third-party integrations

Pellet Mill Control and Feed Mill Automation | Sterling Systems & Controls

  • Designed using Windows-based .NET framework technology
  • Designed to simplify operation and improve efficiency of cost and throughput
  • Custom-designed pellet mill control software application to meet exact automation and system requirements
  • Integrated mill monitoring and histogram displays
  • Control functions maximize throughput and high output
  • Pellet Mill is optimized based on mill condition
  • Mill plug conditions are averted through use of smart control
  • Mill shutdown is automatic if it becomes plugged

I-Control | Interstates

  • System-based control for batching, pelleting, grinding, receiving, loadout and more
  • Recipe and order management
  • Track and trace reporting
  • Automated process checks
  • Integration with other business software

Control Systems Batching Automation | Repete Corp.

  • Integrated data storage and retrieval
  • Automatic data archiving and backup
  • Comprehensive on-board help system
  • Plant trending and optimization tools
  • User-configurable parameters
  • Computer-assisted manual (CAM) control
  • Modular and expandable
  • Predictive and adaptive weighing control

WEM4000 Pelleting System Control | WEM Automation

  • Allen Bradley control and CompactLogix PLCs
  • SQL server database
  • Customer-specific graphics
  • Superior choke detection and avoidance
  • Fat-at-the-die and coater enzyme application
  • Fast ramp-up

Pellet Mill Controller | CPM Automation

  • Production control that can increase efficiency by up to 40%
  • Consistency that can increase pellet quality by up to 20%
  • Dependability that allows the system to work 24 hours per day
  • Up to 30% energy savings and longer die roll life
  • Lower labor costs and reduced physical demand due to the ability to operate remotely

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