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Feed additive products for improving gut health, immunity

Additive technologies to enhance animal performance and health by strengthening the microbiome First Arrival with Encrypt | DBC […]

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White laying hen feeding

Additive technologies to enhance animal performance and health by strengthening the microbiome

First Arrival with Encrypt | DBC Ag Products

  • Total eubiotics package that helps calves maintain normal digestive health and supports a healthy, functioning immune system
  • Helps calves maintain normal digestive health and healthy immune function with the broadest range of novel and innovative ingredients, including a full range of eubiotics
  • Available in two forms – powder for mixing with milk or milk replacer and paste tube for individual administration
  • Works synergistically from different angles to deliver the broadest level of support
  • Scientifically formulated to help ensure each calf starts strong to reach their genetic potential
  • Does not contain any banned animal slaughter byproducts, like bone charcoal, allowing for use in organic, natural and grass-fed programs

Alquernat Zycox | Biovet S.A.

  • Based of pronutrients, natural active principles that optimize the intestinal mucosa by stimulating the gut local immune system
  • Increases the expression of interleukins and immune factors that participate in the disruption of the coccidia cycle
  • Natural additive effective against all species of Eimeria spp.
  • Versatile solution to replace chemical coccidiostats, but also can be used combined with coccidiostats or cocci vaccine
  • Does not generate resistance, and does not leave residues in the animal, so it does not need withdrawal period nor be rotated

GalliPro Fit | Chr. Hansen

  • Triple strain probiotic including two highly selected strains of Bacillus subtilis and one highly selected strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
  • Supporting normal functions of the GI as well as contributing to pre-harvest food safety programs
  • Minimum of 3.2 x 109 viable spores per gram of product (1.6M CFU/g finished feed)
  • Designed for use in pelleted poultry feeds

Dia-V MBPRO | Diamond V

  • Combines the power of two categories of additives – postbiotics and essential oil compounds
  • Enhances performance and feed intake in broilers
  • Dual action promotes digestive health and performance
  • Research demonstrates that benefits include:
    • Improved body weight gain and feed conversion
    • Increased production performance, processing yields and return on investment
    • Decreased production costs

Purina EnduraPig | Purina Animal Nutrition

  • Patent-pending blend of multicomponent technology designed to support immune competence, health and growth performance of piglets
  • Supports respiratory health and immune function in piglets
  • Enhances immune function to optimize their ability to address health challenges

Phylox | Amlan International

  • Can be used in no-antibiotics-ever programs and has no withdrawal requirement
  • Will not promote the emergence of drug-resistant coccidia and is effective against multiple Eimeria strains
  • Can be fed concurrently with anticoccidial vaccines preventing disease breakthrough as immunity is being developed by the bird without interfering with vaccine efficacy
  • Synergistic blend of antiprotozoal phytochemicals with multiple modes of action

Fortrol | Anitox

  • Cost-effective Salmonella control for poultry and swine feeds and feed ingredients
  • Synergistic blend of high-grade organic acids and their salts in liquid form, applied at 2-8 kg/MT
  • Improves microbial quality of feed and feed ingredients. Reduces inbound challenge to the microbiome, supporting a healthy, productive gut
  • For use as a preventative or corrective action and a flush treatment to reduce risk of pathogen colonization in feed ingredient processing plants and feed mills

Symphiome | DSM

  • First-of-its-kind precision biotic designed to precisely orchestrate microbiome metabolism
  • Optimizes the bird’s resilience to enteric stress
  • Aids in nutrient utilization and reduces emissions
  • Improves welfare

Gastrivix Avi | Perstorp

  • Supports animal performance by combining the benefits of valeric acid and butyric acid
  • Naturally occurring organic acids strengthen gut integrity
  • Harnesses the synergy between valeric and butyric acid esterified to ensure ideal release into the intestinal tract

Nor-Grape Liquid | Nor-Feed

  • Natural and liquid antioxidant formulated on standardized grape polyphenols
  • Compensates for oxidative stress, potentiate antioxidant defenses to improve egg and meat quality and increase immune defenses
  • Provides agility to farmers with a liquid solution to be used around critical period such as starter, vaccination, weaning, heat stress and transfer
  • Used as an ingredient for the formulation of other liquid products

Mix Alive | Mixscience

  • Regulates the gut microflora and promotes its biodiversity and benefits
  • Help to control the pathogenic pressure
  • Improves survival rates
  • Maximizes yield-challenging conditions
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