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Feed & Grain Podcast explores grain storage safety

Listen to podcasts that explore what precautions to take when handling and storing wet grain.

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Grain quality and safety during high-moisture harvests

Join Steven Kilger, managing editor of Feed & Grain and host of the Feed & Grain Podcast, as he delves into a crucial discussion with industry experts Jess McCluer, vice president of safety and regulatory affairs at the  National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA), and Joe Mlynek, content creation expert and partner at Safety Made Simple. Episode 1 explores the repercussions of high-moisture corn harvests, unraveling the complexities of grain quality management and safety challenges.

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"We generally see the likelihood of engulfment, and dryer fires increase anytime we have a wet harvest. So, in relation to entrapment in grain bins, when grain is high in moisture, there are a couple of different things that can happen. Generally, we see clumps form that can block the reclaim systems within the grain bins, we have bridging grain and cliffing for a shear face, or columns form within the bin." β€” Joe Mlynek, content creation expert and partner at Safety Made Simple

Grain dryer safety and NGFA's safety initiatives

Kilger returns to the conversation with McCluer and Mlynek to address grain dryer safety and maintenance. Unearth valuable tips and discover NGFA's safety initiatives in this enlightening discussion. 

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"We have tip sheets, we have recorded webinars, we have interactive training courses and guidance documents, and we have a wide range of items on our website that members can utilize" β€” Jeff McCluer, vice president of safety and regulatory affairs at National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA)

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