Mycotoxin & Crop Report: Dry weather prevalent throughout U.S.

Corn maturity nears completion and the fall harvest continues

Neogen Monday Mycotoxin Crop report 2022
  • Dry weather prevalent throughout the country
  • Corn harvest ahead of average
  • New mycotoxin reports

Weather and harvest updates

The USDA’s October 26 bulletin reports continuing dry weather and mild precipitation throughout large portions of the nation, favorable conditions for harvesting.

Nearly a third of the nation’s corn harvest occurred in a two-week period, ending October 23.

Variable precipitation fell in parts of the Great Lakes and a large system moved in over the Northwest, aiding wildfire containing efforts where hot, dry weather has been dominating.

Parts of the Southeast saw cooler than average temperatures with areas on the Atlantic coast and north Florida observing freezes that brought an early end to the growing season there.

  • Fall wheat planting continues
  • Winter wheat is 79% planted, 1 point above five-year average
  • 49% of winter wheat has emerged, 7 points behind last year
  • Corn maturity nears completion, and the fall harvest continues
  • 97% of corn is mature, on par with the five-year average
  • 61% of corn is harvested, 9 points above the five-year average

Mycotoxin Reports

Deoxynivalenol (DON) in wheat

  • MI, KS less than 1 ppm
  • NE 1–3 ppm
  • DE, MD, and VA 3–5 ppm
  • MA 5–10 ppm
Aflatoxin in corn
  • AL, AR, GA, MS 20–50 ppb
  • KS greater than 300 ppb
Deoxynivalenol (DON) in corn
  • AL, KS 1–3 ppm
  • OH 5–10 ppm
Fumonisin in corn
  • AL, KS 5–10 ppm
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