ANI DS 9 Sewing head1
  • Fastest single-needle bag closing machine on the market (2700 rpm)
  • Simple, enclosed oil-bath lubrication system and sealed moving parts for optimum performance in dusty environments
  • Well-balanced rotational parts for minimum vibration and requires low maintenance
  • Works in both manual and automatic lines and fits on most pedestal units with no modification needed
  • Equipped with air cylinder driven, guillotine-type cutter knife with double springs to ensure fast, smooth cutting for both plain and crepe-tape bound closings
  • Can handle a wide range of bagging material including paper, pp woven cloth and jute and sews a single or double-thread chain stitch
  • Available with an optional thread break detector, single-thread, easy open stitch and needle thread oiler
  • Wide range of accessories is available including a pedestal stand with or without tape, filler, rip cord attachments, conveyors and tag placers
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