3CM-5U High Speed Automated Packaging System

ANI 3 CM 5 U
  • American-Newlong’s 3CM-5U high speed automated packaging system will run any free flowing product and offers a compact design to fit most low profile applications
  • The 3CM-5U features a bagging capacity of up to 600 bags per hour
  • 3CM-5U baggers place an empty bag on the spout, fill it (typically 20-50 lbs), and close the bag top (heat seal or sewing), all within the confines of the bagger
  • This system maintains bag top control through this process to achieve a high degree of consistency and deliver maximum throughput
  • American-Newlong, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automated, open-mouth bag packaging and closing systems and equipment
  • American-Newlong offers a range of filled bag closing machines and sewing heads, heat sealers and pinch bag sealers, and semi-automated and automated packaging systems that weigh, check weight, pack, close, distribute and palletize
  • Indiana headquarters offers full parts and service support for all products, with multiple dealers and distributors
  • American-Newlong equipment allows customers in the grain, feed, fertilizer, food, chemical and other industries to produce products faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively with less downtime
  • American-Newlong provides customers with the best piece of equipment for their application. “Turnkey" systems and custom design systems are also available for specific applications
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