View your data in graphical form to analyze your operation for production efficiency, harvest analysis, and location comparisons to be proactive in targeting markets, addressing customer needs, and driving calculated business decisions. AgVantage Grain Business Intelligence includes three modules with multiple tabs in each.

The Grain Origination component with:

  • Market Summary of where growers rank when marketing their grain.
  • Growth Opportunities shows growers that used to bring their grain to you, but are not anymore so you can make a plan get that business back. This feature alone can pay for the purchase price of this module.
  • Pricing Distribution analyses bushels and pricing by month for contract evaluation and timing.

The Grain Merchandising component with:

  • Contract Summary that shows your merchandisers pending contracts by location and month to forecast incoming grain.
  • Undelivered Contracts breaks down those incoming bushels with weighted futures, basis and price.
  • Sales Discounts to analyze bushels sold by location and the discounts applied.
  • Purchases Discounts to analyze bushels purchased by location and the discounts applied.
  • Location Analysis to bring both sales and purchases to one screen for comparison of productivity by location.

The Grain Operations component has:

  • Harvest Analysis to track the number of bushels each of your grain scale facilities are handling per month and year over year.
  • Dump Time Stats to analyze efficiency at each of your grain scale facilities to improve speed for the drivers delivering to your locations.
  • Dump Time Details to further analyze loads coming into your grain facilities minute by minute.
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