• New, rotary style Drawer-In-Housing Magnet designed to capture ferrous metal contaminants from gravity fed, powder and bulk processed products that have difficult flow characteristics and a tendency to bridge or choke when using traditional, stationary, tube-style magnetic separators, such as cake mixes, flours or corn starch and require a high degree of product purity
  • Features a motorized, cylindrical configuration of rare earth magnetic tubes that continually rotate through the product stream that keeps the flow moving through the housing, while capturing any ferrous metal contaminants and purifying the product
  • SimpleClean™ design gives the operator easy access to the magnets to perform recommended, routine removal of collected metal to prevent recontamination of the product stream
  • Magnetic drawer weightlessly glides open on a fixed track and smoothly rotates into vertical orientation bringing each tube to the forward position, allowing the operator to wipe collected metal downward into a catch bin
  • Self-Cleaning model, standard and custom sizes available
  • Optional MAGnanoSHIELD® FDA compliant, antimicrobial coating offers 99.9999% microbe resistance
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